Thoracic Cage I

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Course Objectives:

1. To understand the neurological and embryological connections of the thoracic spine and rib complex.
2. To understand the clinical significance of the neurology and embryology o fthe thoracic spine and ribs/
3. Participants will learn relevant scan exams important in assessment and treatment of the thoracic spine, ribs, clavicle, and sternomanubrial somatic dysfunction.
4. To understand. how impaired afference, a result of injury. or faulty postural habits, results in chronic somatic dysfunction, movement patterns, and imbalance.
5. Participants will learn through instruction and hands-on practice manual modalities to include: Muscle Energy technique, Inhibitory compression techniques, Strain/Counterstrain technique, and Manual Stretch techniques for somatic dysfunctions of the thoracic spine, ribs, clavicle, and sternomanubrium.

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