PSNS III: Dental Prep & Recovery for the Manual Therapist
SEA: May 7 -8, 2021

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16 CEUs
$500 In-Person / $375 via Zoom

Course Description:

PSNS (Parasympathetic) Treatment III Manual Therapy for Dental Procedures is a 2-Day, lab-based course that explores the manual therapy approach to preparing the cranial-facial-mandibular field for dental work, minimizing the aberrant effects of that work, and reducing pain, inflammation, and dysfunction in the area after the work has been completed. These treatments are designed to guide proper function and growth / regrowth of the craniofacial field. Specific procedures that will be covered are Orhtodontia (braces, Invisalign), Palate chnages, Mandible lengthening / shortening, and tooth removal and related procedures.

The muscles, bones, ligaments, sutures, teeth, nerves, and fascia will all be considered in regard to the cranial-facial-mandibular field and these structures are manipulated or otherwise affected by dental work. This class bridges the gap between surgical intervention and exercise-based therapies.

Neural Dynamic Reintegration© is a 2-hand technique that relies on palpatory and provocation test feedback obtained during stimulation of autonomically innervated structures. This feedback guides appropriate and effective treatment to undermine aberrant reflex arcs that cause autonomic dysregulation that often result in pain and specific clinical symptomatology including a lack of serous mucous production or chronically increased or decreased local blood flow.

Additional Details:

Location: Pursuit Physical Therapy
Redmond, WA 98052

Target audience: Licensed healthcare providers including, but not limited to:

PT, AT, DC, MT, RN, OT, LMT, and ND.

16 contact hours – 16 1-A hours anticipated  

Instructors: Neal O'Neal, PT

Class is held 9-6 Friday and Saturday.

Fees: $500/student for in-person attendance, $375 for Zoom attendance, Associates of Autumn Mayberry may utilize a discount code found on her website for in-person attendance. Course limited to 12 students.

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives: Upon course completion, the participant will be able to-

1) Enumerate the embryological derivation of the teeth, maxilla, and mandible and the muscles that insert, originate, or affect said structures.

2) List the Cranial Nerves that have Parasympathetic and General Visceral Afferent neurons and their relevant course through the head, neck, and face.

3) Identify, palpate and test irritation and aberrant motion of the maxilla, mandible and hyoid.

4) Demonstrate and describe effective use of NDR, Cranial Mobilization, and Fascial Release as an appropriate treatment of cranial-facial-mandibular dysfunction pre- and post-dental procedure to maximize function and minimize long-term dysfunction,

5) Perform appropriate Global and Regional provocation tests for the head, jaw, face, and neck.

PSNS III: Orofacial Field

1. Anatomy and Physiology ​
    - Structures
        - Embryology​
    - Autonomic Feed
        - Sympathetic (SNS) Feed
            - Chain Ganglia
                - Symptomatology
        - Parasympathetic (PSNS) Feed
            - CN III, VII, IX, X
                - Symptomatology
                - Innervated Structures
        - General Visceral Afferents (GVA)
            - Head, Face, and Neck

2. Somatic or Peripheral Feed (PNS)

3. Global and Regional Provocation Tests

4. Testing for Irritated Structures

5. Treatment
    - Somatic Approaches​
        - MFR, Counterstrain​
    - Neurological Approaches
        - Neural Dynamic Reintegration
        - Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Technique
        - Ganglia Treatment



9am – 10:30am Dental Treatment Strategies of the Orofacial Field (Lecture)

10:30am – 12pm Clinical Anatomy of the Orofacial Field

12pm – 1pm Lunch

1pm – 1:45pm Global and Regional Provocation Tests (Lab)

1:45pm – 3:45pm Neural Dynamic Reintegration (Lab)

3:45pm – 6:00pm Fascial Release Cranial-Facial=Mandibular Structures (Lab)



9am - 10:30am Clinical Embryology and Neurology of Orofacial Field

10:30am - 12pm SNS and PSNS Symptomatology

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 4pm Functional Provocation Testing and Treatment

4pm - 6pm Cranial Approach in the Cranial-Facial-Mandibular Field

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