(Parasympathetic Nervous System II)

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Course Description:

PSNS (Parasympathetic) Treatment II is a lab-based course that addresses the underlying principles and treatment approach to Neural Dynamic Reintegration© (NDR©) with a focus on PSNS dysfunction throughout the body. 

Neural Dynamic Reintegration© is a 2-hand technique that relies on palpatory and provocation test feedback obtained during stimulation of autonomically innervated structures involved with reflex dysfunction. This feedback guides appropriate and effective treatment to undermine aberrant reflex arcs that cause autonomic dysregulation that often result in pain and specific clinical symptomatology including a lack of serous mucous production (inflammation of a burning, sharp, or electric pain or nature) or chronically increased or decreased local blood flow or chronic blood shunting (inflammation that presents as ache, lack of sensation, or pins and needles). 

This class will compare the model set by acupuncture Mu Shu meridians as a roadmap to treatment approach based on clinical observation. These meridians are vertically oriented, viscero-functionally (or viscerotopically) associated areas that are used to address specific visceral dysfunction within the context of an organ system. The western medical model of this approach is defined by the information related by Henry Head, MD (Head’s Zones), Hilton’s Law, Sherrington's Law, Francis Marion Pottenger, MD, Frank Chapman, DO, and the neurological functional architectural model. 

This class will outline the interaction of monosynaptic spinal cord reflexes, postural reflexes, vestibular reflexes, and viscero-visceral reflexes mediated through the enteric, parasympathetic, and sympathetic nervous systems, and the brainstem’s ability to smoothly integrate and coordinate these reflexes.

The specific areas of interest are the nerves of the autonomic nervous system and the structures they innervate. For example, the PSNS innervates smooth muscle (submucosal) and certain muscle fascicles—at the muscle spindle and somatic muscle fibers; capsules-- organ, peritoneum, joints; glands that will produce fluid in any tissue (synovium, mucous); walls of arteries, veins, lymphatic glands and tubes; and scars. The SNS innervates smooth muscle in organs, arteries, veins, and lymphatics; certain muscle fascicles—at the muscle spindle, sweat glands (pilomotor), and somatic muscle fibers; joint surfaces; and, the adrenal gland. 

Instructor: Neal O'Neal, PT, Owner of Pursuit Physical Therapy

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