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PSNS (Parasympathetic) Treatment I Revisited is a 2-Day, lab-based course that explores the work of Henry Head, MD, that illuminates the workings of the cranial nerves. Dr. Head revealed the actions and interactions of the cranial nerves and how parasympathetic function is very different from sympathetic function. Through a careful study of Dr. Head's work an integrated treatment approach to tinnitus, alterations in taste and smell (such as occurs after viral infections such as Post-Covid Syndrome, Bell's Palsy, ), face, neck, head pain and headache is revealed. Chronic cranial nerve dysfunction is due to aberrant sensorimotor reflex arcs. The basis of all reflex arcs is that there is a sensory input reacted upon by some level of neuronal processing with a motor response of some type. In this case, the motor response is chronic and unvarying which leads to breakdown of the biomechanical system, dysfunction, and sensory irritation (symptoms). This course reveals how to understand these interactions through knowledge of what neurons and ganglia those reflex arcs go through and how to appropriately abolish the aberrant sensory input.

While many treatment approaches attempt to change or cut out the motor response, this course details how to undermine the aberrant sensory impulse by identifying its source and cause of improper feedback. Knowledge of the location and interaction of the specific sensory neurons involved, known as General Visceral Afferents, comes to us through the work of Henry Head, MD in his study of herpetic infection.

​The technique this class will focus on is Neural Dynamic Reintegration© (NDR). NDR is a 2-hand technique that relies on palpatory and provocation test feedback obtained during stimulation of autonomically innervated structures. This feedback guides appropriate and effective treatment to undermine aberrant reflex arcs that cause autonomic dysregulation often resulting in pain and specific clinical symptomatology that involves a lack of serous mucous production or decreased tissue perfusion (changes in osmotic and oncotic pressures to control fluid movement). 

In this class, Neural Dynamic Reintegration© will be discussed in relationship to neurologic function, embryologic and pathologic development and its use as a diagnostic and treatment tool for dysfunction and pathology such as chronic sinusitis, alterations in the sense of smell or taste, headaches, jaw dysfunction, chronic eye strain, tinnitus, tinnitus, headache, face, neck and head pain, results of dental treatment and associated dysfunction, processes and sequelae. The alteration of motion and function that presents as tenderness, stiffness, changes in center of motion (i.e. neutral behavior) and / or loss of range motion will be discussed in light of the type of dysfunction present.

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